Statement on Bill for North Korean Cargo Inspection (July 15, 2009)

*This is the unofficial translation of Rescue Abductee’s statement published on July 15, 2009 in Japanese.

The bill to implement North Korean cargo inspection called for in a recent U.N. resolution is likely to be scrapped, according to reports.

This will imply that Japan requiring firm stance against North Korea to repatriate citizens kidnapped by the regime will likely be unable to implement cargo inspections. This is a situation we must avoid.

The rescue of Japanese citizens in North Korea is a non-partisan issue with utmost urgency. For this reason, we call for all those involved in passing this legislation to take creative ways to allow Japan to inspect North Korean cargos.

We further strongly call for the abduction issue to be a topic of discussion in the upcoming general election.

We will review and compare the parties’ manifesto on their stance on the abduction issue and plan to conduct a survey to question the parties’ take on this issue.

We also kindly ask the voters to take into account this issue as they elect candidates.

AFVKN Chairman, Shigeo Iizuka
NRKN Chairman, Yoshiaki Fujino

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