Macau Abduction Victim taught Chinese to former North Korean terrorist Kim Hyon-Hui.

National Association for the Rescue of Japanese Kidnapped by North Korea, NARKN

March 10, 2009

Macau Abduction Victim taught Chinese to former North Korean terrorist Kim Hyon-Hui.

It has been revealed that former North Korean operative, Kim Hyon-Hui, learned Chinese from Ms. Hong Leng-Ieng, who was abducted by North Korea from Macau in 1978.

Kim Hyon-Hui said she, along with Kim Suk-Hui, another North Korean agent, learned Mandarin from Ms. Hong from June to August 1984 at the Yongsong No.40 “guest house” located in the north of Pyongyang.

“I got basic Chinese lessons from a Macau woman. That woman who taught me Mandarin was around five years older than me. Her name is “Miss Kong” (the Korean pronunciation of the Chinese character for “Hong”). She was a typical Chinese beauty. I heard she had been abducted from Macau. She told me she once had tried to escape from a detention center in North Korea but was recaptured. I’m sure she is the very woman Ms. Choi Un-Hee (a famous South Korean actress who was abducted but later escaped) noted she had met in North Korea.”

Kim Hyon-Hui revealed this information to Mr. Cho Gab-Je, a prominent South Korean journalist, in late February. She later identified Hong Leng-Ieng from a photograph provided by NARKN.

Representatives of NARKN, after an extensive investigation, gave a presentation on the case of Hong Leng-Ieng at the International Conference on the Reality of North Korean Abductions and Its Resolution held in Tokyo in December 2006. NARKN also provided a detailed report to the Chinese authorities.

Fundamentally, the governments of Japan, South Korea, and China should put the Abduction issue on the agenda of the Six-Party Talks and co-operatively mount pressure on North Korea to resolve it. This has not yet been done.

It is also regrettable that the Chinese government seems to have made no effort to rescue its own citizens despite clear evidence of their abduction and continuing detention by North Korea.

We sincerely hope, in the wake of this new revelation by Kim Hyon-Hui, keener interest of the international community will be given to the abduction of Macau residents including, first and foremost, by China.

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