Rescue Abductees meet with UN Special Rapporteur

Family victims of the abductees and members of Rescue Abductees met with Professor Vitit Muntarbhorn, United Nations envoy on human rights in North Korea, in Tokyo.  Shigeru Iizuka (Chairman of the Family Association), Shigeru Yokota (former chairman), Teruaki Masumoto (Secretary General of FA), Masaru Honma, and Professor Tsutomu Nishioka (Rescue Abductees) met with Professor Muntarbhorn on Monday for a two hour long conference.

Professor Muntabhorn has been meeting with the Family Associationa and Rescue Abductees every since 2004 in Japan.  He has been made sure that the human rights violation issue to Japan by North Korea is clearly included in the annual UN human rights report in North Korea. 

In our conversation this year he made the following points regarding the UN Security Council's stance on this issue:

  • The human rights concern stated in the UN Resolution 1718 is non-binding and the words are only in the preamble.
  • As the special rapporteur, he will continue to report the grave concerns of this issue to the Security Council.

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