Working closely with Japanese Parliamentarians

League of Parliamentarians for Early Repatriation of Japanese Citizens was officially formed in April 2002. Former defense minister Shigeru Ishiba (current farm minister) headed the league at the time. This bipartisan group includes 203 parliamentarians from both Houses of the Representatives and the Councilors.

Regular meetings with members of the Family Association and Rescue Abroad and the League of Parliamentarians take place and lines of communication are open among the organizations. We frequently coordinate nationwide campaigns and international visits with the diet members.

The members of the league call for tougher measures, including economic sanctions, against North Korea.

Click here for the latest statement by the League of Parliamentarians.

Some of the key members include:
Chairman of the League, former commerce minister, Takeo Hiranuma (Independent);
Senior Advisor, former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe (LDP);
Acting Chairman, finance minister, Shoichi Nakagawa (LDP);
Acting Chairman, former justice minster, Hiroshi Nakai (DPJ);
Vice Chairman, Kazuhiro Haraguchi (DPJ);
Vice Chairman, Eriko Yamatani (LDP);
Vice Chairman, Yoshio Urashiba (New Komeito);
Vice Chairman, Seiichi Eto (LDP);
Vice Chairman, Yoshio Nakagawa (LDP);
Director General, Shingo Nishimura (Independent);
Secretary General, Kenji Furuya (LDP);
Acting Secretary General, Jin Matsubara (DPJ)
(The photo shows the members of the League on a mission with Rescue Abductees to Washington, DC to discuss the abduction issue with U.S. government officials in February 2008.)

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