Rescue Abductees works closely with the Family Association

The Association of the Families of Victims Kidnapped by North Korea (AFVKN), the "Family Association," was founded in March, 1997, when the kidnap of Megumi Yokota became clear based on a former North Korean agent's testimony. Some families searching
for their sons, daughters, brothers and sisters, and had grounds to suspect that family members were held captive in North Korea decided to go public and urge Japanese governments to resolve this issue with the North Korean regime. Since then, the families and members of Rescue Abductees have raised national and internatioal awareness of this issue through petitions, sit-outs and conferences.
Board members of the family association are as follows:

Chairman: Shigeo Iizuka
Vice Chairman: Akihiro Arimoto
Shichiro Hamamoto
Secretary General: Teruaki Masumoto (click here for his feature article in the Daily Standard)
Deputy Secretary General: Takuya Yokota

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