Our Members: Tsutomu Nishioka

Tsutomu Nishioka is the Acting Chairman of the National Association for the Rescue of Japanese Kidnapped by North Korea (NARKN: Rescue Abductees).  He is also a full-time Professor of East Asian Affairs at Tokyo Christian University.

As the nation’s leading Korea expert, he has written and lectured extensively on issues of Japan-Korea history and affairs.  Nishioka’s first visit to South Korea was on a student exchange program to Yonsei University.  After graduating from International Christian University, Japan, he continued his study in Tsukuba University and received his M.A. in International Relations, concentration on Korea and North Korea Regional Studies. 

His expertise in Korean society and culture was furthered during his two years mission at the Japan Embassy in Seoul.  With his fluent Korean, he provided the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Japanese government full investigative reports on regional matters.

A decade prior to becoming a full-time professor at Tokyo Christian University, Nishioka reported regional issues and topics related to Japan and neighboring Korea as the Chief Editor of Gendai Korea

While teaching full-time Culture in Korea, East Asian Affairs, and Korean, he continues to write and lecture extensively on matters regarding the relationship between Japan and Korea, its closest neighbor.  Nishioka regularly contributes to leading national news publications and broadcasts.

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