Kidnapping on a global scale.

Most kidnappings committed by the North Korean regime occurred in the late 1970s. Known victims from Thailand, Lebanon, China, Malaysia, and Singapore were all kidnapped in 1978. Various testimonies confirm that the French, Italian, Dutch, Jordanian, Romanian, and Japanese victims were abducted during the late 1970s. A total of five high-school boys were kidnapped in series, all disappearing from the beach, from 1977 to 1978.

American soldiers close missing link

Four American soldiers deserted and fled to North Korea. All four American deserters married abducted foreign citizens in North Korea: Ms. Hitomi Soga from Japan, Ms. Siham Shraiteh from Lebanon, Ms. Anocha Panjoy from Thailand, and Romanian woman named Dona. Mr. Jenkins’ testimony after he repatriated to Japan in 2004 helped identify these women decades after they were abducted. Families of Ms. Siham Shratiteh, Ms. Anocha Panjoy, and Dona have joined our call to bring the victims back to their families. Children of these women are still held captive in North Korea.

Two Macanese were kidnapped together with Anocha. Che Eun Hui, a South Korean movie actress who succeeded in escaping from North Korea, knew one of the Macanese well when they were both detained. We know that the same incident took the Malaysians and the Singaporean away to North Korea. The Malaysian seen by Mr. Jenkins is known to be the same Malaysian that Che Eun Hui heard from other North Koreans.

The Lebanese victims were later rescued by their government in 1979. In their interviews by the Lebanese government, the women described North Korea’s operation to kidnap Europeans from the continent. The Lebanese told that they were put in a spy training camp and there they met 28 other European women. There were three women each from France and Italy, and two from Holland. Other women came from the Middle East and West European countries. This means that there could be more unknown victims of this crime. After the four Lebanese women were rescued by their government, only Shiham returned to North Korea because she was pregnant.

Che Eun Hui heard about a French victim from the barber cutting hairs at the “guest house” where kidnapped foreign nationals were detained. She has also met a Jordanian who is highly likely to be another victim of abduction. Kim Hyon Hee, a former North Korean agent responsible for the bombing of the Korean Airline in 1987, has also said she has heard of abducted foreign nationals from a woman managing the “facility to detain abducted foreigners.”

(Translated from our latest Japanese flyer)

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